Emergency water extraction


Take immediate action to prevent further damage

It is extremely vital to act fast when water is discovered inside your property. Our IICRC trained staff will be sure to assess your property the right way. Technique Flooring & Restoration uses the latest technology and equipment for the water extraction process, while closely monitoring and documenting the dry-down progress every 24 hours.

We Are Available 24/7 For Water Restoration Services

Emergency Water Extraction from Technique Flooring & Restoration in Killeen, TX
How to begin the restoration process:
  1. Contact us now: (254) 690-1444 and our Emergency after-hours number is: (254) 383-2724
  2. We document and inspect
  3. Water extraction process
  4. Drying and dehumidifying process
  5. Clean and sanitize
  6. Complete the restoration and repairs



We're here to help

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Different causes of leaks and floods:

Rainwater, pipes burst, shower, toilet overflow, bathtub, water heater, air conditioner, dishwasher, sink, thunderstorms, tornados, hurricanes, rising water, sewage backups, roof leaks.

Terms of Payment:

Insured Loss- In the event that the dwelling is insured for the water loss, Technique Flooring & Restoration will work directly with the insurance carrier to settle the covered loss. Typically, insurance will pay the full amount of the claim, however if certain necessary items are refused, payment for the remainder is due upon completion of the mitigation process.

Personal Payment- In the event that the loss is not covered by an insurance policy, Technique Flooring & Restoration requires 50% of the initial estimate be paid upon the scope of the loss before any restoration work is completed. The remainder balance is due upon completion of the mitigation process. In the event of any changes in the scope, the point of contact will be notified to discuss the changes, and any additional costs thereof.

Financing- Technique Flooring & Restoration provides financing options for qualified individuals through a 3rd party financing program.